Who we are

Econcepts Global Services is an international business and environmental consulting company based in Abuja with branch offices in Lokoja. And affiliated to some international companies.

We are Econcepts Global Consult. We are an environmental and ICT consulting firm. Our strong dedication, passion and reliability have earned us local and international recognition.

Our services include web hosting and design, environmental consulting, online or digital marketing. project financing, bulk sms and bulk sms platform among others.

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Environmental Consult 95%
Web Design and Hosting 90%
Online Marketing 85%
Awesome Customer Care 90%
Bulk SMS 88%

Other services we render includes:

  • Geographical Information System
  • Bulk SMS/Bulk SMS Platforms
  • Cost effective industrial solution
  • Business Consulting
  • Project financing
  • Bulding/Architectural Designs
  • Fumigation
  • Human Resource Management
  • Safety & Health Inspection
  • .


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    Web Design

    We don't only host and develop websites, we manage them for as long as possible. And we upgrade when necessary.

    Graphic Design

    The standard chunk of all the best graphic designs used in Nigeria were produced & reproduced by us. It is a long established fact.

    Internet Marketing

    The readable content of a page when looking at its layout is what makes it catchy. Our coverage is all over the world.


    Our Conglomerate

    unnamedGiant Gee Nig Ltd is an international business and financial consulting company based in Abuja with branch offices in Port-Harcourt, Warri. And affilited to some international companies..

    JOI Construction is a construction company with head office in Abuja Nigeria and other offices in Kogi state. Services are civil & building engineering.

    Silvic Group is a sister company to Econcepts Global Consult. Their services are:

  • Environmental Engineering
  • Business Consulting
  • Event Management
  • Corporate Services
  • Professional Training & Certification
  • http://www.silvicgroup.com

    downloadQ-Events & transformation is into event management, cakes, coutour, make up, manicure & pedicure, usher and bridal train.

    Our Background

    Econcepts Global Services is an international business, web development and environmental consulting company based in Abuja with branch offices in Lokoja. And affiliated to some international companies.!

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    Top Jobs

    Welcome to our site. Our opening hours are: Mondays to Fridays 8am-5pm. Please feel free to contact us on +234 806 0169 681 or info@econceptsglobal.com. Our client service administrators shall get back to you immediately.


    Our partners

    Over the years, we have developed strong ties with these exceptional bodies. They have assisted us to grow in many ways. In business, strong and unwavering partnership is really needed to grow and expand.

    They have been there in areas of financial advices to data provision, access to our numerous customers, business relationship and creation of enabling environment to mention but a few.