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wi fi 8451 2                                                    Is the wi-fi we use in our homes and everywhere we go actually safe for our health? Everyone seems addicted to the internet, and it has been made more and more available to us.

Even though it was safe to say that companies who manufacture the devices that transmit and receive the wifi signals are safe to use, the health professionals are not so sure about this fact. Let us take a glimpse in details how the wifi impacts our overall health.

There are some consequences of being around the wi-fi all of the time, and the side effects are: sleep issues, pain in the ears, chronic fatigue, lack of concentration, and frequent and strong headaches.

Well, giving the fact that the newest technology has made our lives much simpler, you cannot just say to someone to give up on it, the response will be definitely no.

But, what you can do is reduce the emission of WLAN around you by following some easy and simple steps. Please do consider them, in order to preserve your health.

First, you should not place your router in your bedroom or kitchen, because it can do much more harm from there. Second, protect your children from the electromagnetic waves by turning off the wi-fi when you are not using it.

Third, this may be a little more difficult, but try using phones with cables when you are at home, to relieve yourself from all the electromagnetic waves. And finally, disconnect all your wi-fi programs before you go to bed.

Follow these simple tips and avoid the harmful exposure of the wi-fi to your health.